Bocks are dark, heavily malted German lagers. The German word “Bock” meaning “Goat” refers to their traditional brewing season during the sign of Capricorn. This enabled German monasteries a nourishing liquid during Lent and has since made Bocks closely linked to festivities, including Easter and Christmas. Bocks use bottom-fermenting yeasts and long cold fermentation processes to produce a heavy, but smooth, lager with a good balance of malt and bitterness. For the other senses it has brown and dark amber hues and a malty spicy lightly toasted aroma.

Country of Origin: Germany.
Some Variants Include:
Traditional bock

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ABV 5.5 - 7.6%
IBU 20 - 35
SRM 13 - 23
AKA Bock, Starkbier ("strong beer"), Winterbock, Weihnachtsbock or Weihnachtsbier ("Christmas bock" or "Christmas beer")
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