The app won’t save my details

Please ensure you are running the most up-to-date version by checking App store or Google Play

I’m searching for beers or beer styles I know must be available in more local bars but are not showing up in the search
This is something we are working on with the venue managers. As it is a new system, it takes a bit of time to get it off the ground.
Users such as yourself can assist the community by reporting beers
  1. Click this link below the venues beer list
    craft beer last updated
  2. Log in (if not already)
  3. Changing category to 'add a beer to this venue'
  4. Select beer (search by beer name or brewery name)
  5. Selecting available in ('on tap' or 'bottle/can')
  6. Submit for processing
Once you have done this once or twice it is very quick and shows on the venue

How do we class a venue as a 'Craft Beer bar'?

Minimum of 4 rotating taps + minimum of 20 different bottle/can beers - or - If a bar has not bottles/cans - at least 10 rotating taps.
This is open to debate... We say this to promote smaller bars further out that are worth exploring...

Venue Admin questions

How do I login to update my venue or brewery listing?

You need to login with a registered email address. If your email address isn’t in our system, shoot us a message and we will sort it out promptly.

I have a beer that is only available at my venue. How do I add it to my listing?

If the beer is not listed by the brewery, you can add a 'custom' beer that is only assigned to your venue.