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BEER CRAWL -  the home of good beer.

If an Australian craft beer venue directory and a beer tracking app had a baby, and that baby had a whole lot of awesome superpowers, Beer Crawl would be it.
It’s the answer to the important questions in life:

  • What if you could go on a pub crawl to all new places, and be confident that they’d serve good beer?
  • What is currently open near me, when will it close?
  • What if you could record a life-long list of venues you’ve visited and beers you’ve tried?
  • And better still… what if you could see a list of venues and beers you still want to try?

Our platform was made with the following key features in mind:

  1. All the important information at a glance – sometimes you just want to quickly see what a place has to offer, not spend 10 minutes reading to find out.
  2. A complete list of venues that serve good beer, not just those that can afford to pay a monthly subscription to be on a directory.
  3. Plan day visits. We recommend:
    1. visiting only 1-2 venues on an outing to get a good feel of the place and offerings.
    2. a good feed and plenty of water. A better pallet = better tasting beer.
    3. Designated Driver or responsible method of transport.

With Beer Crawl, your craft beer journey is just beginning.
Create a free account or just jump in with a single click.

  • A simple-to-navigate map of all the good beer places in Australia, which keeps growing as the industry does. What’s near you? Which venues are close to each other?
  • Check in to venues to record where you’ve been, and easily see where you still want to try. There’s always new venues to discover!
  • A supercharged search function with impressive filters. Want a bar with a pool table, live music, and no sports screens?
    How about a brewery that does growler fills and tasting paddles? Or one that has wifi, barista coffee, and is pet friendly?
    Or even want to find which venues have a certain style of beer on tap? Find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • After all, life is a beer crawl. So get crawling.


    We are all about listening to problems and creating solutions. Here are some of our products we have created for venues / taprooms.

    • Digital Decals Digital beer tap decal solution allowing you to effortlessly update content
    • Keg Monitors Keg monitoring solution to inform when a keg will need changing
    • Live Menu TV and tablet beer lists with full customisation

    We give all good beer breweries and venues a fair go.

    The Australian craft beer scene was built on new and small breweries. Since ratings systems for beers can greatly disadvantage smaller and newer breweries and venues, we’ve left out the ratings system for beers and venues. This way, lovers of beer at different stages and with different tastes can try new beers and venues without bias, and find the new best beer they’ve ever had.
    Beer Crawl provides a lifetime free listing to breweries and all venues that serve good beer. We do this as we feel it is important to showcase venues of all sizes, rather than just those that have a larger marketing budget. Our revenue is made from advertisement space, digital signage solutions and an array of marketing and time saving services for bars.

    We prefer quality of information over quantity.

    We believe accuracy of information is paramount. Therefore, we exclusively display information and images of beer supplied direct by the brewery. We also only accept information about venues if it has been added or confirmed by the venue. International beers are currently being added to our database to accommodate for more bars. We will always prioritise Australian listings.

    We’re 100% Australian.

    • We love to support Australian beer — support an Australian beer app!
    • 100% Australian created databases, coding and development.
    • 100% Australian phone support.
    • 100% Australian employees and contractors.

    We provide the information, not the opinions.

    Beer Crawl allows users to save private comments. But we believe there are enough media out there for people to express their opinions to the world, so we don’t flood your screen with what every man and his dog thinks.


    Beer Crawl connects lovers of good beer with bars/venues that have specific features. We are all about providing accurate details for where you can go for some real ale.
    Our site offers a means to tick off beers and places, and mark the ones you love.
    We assist domestic and international travellers to discover new venues and beers.
    Plan your journey by venues close to you, or route and by operating hours!

    Can't remember a great beer or bar that you visited? We've got it covered. Simply create a free account to log all beers you have tried and places you have visited…
    But more importantly, what craft beer you are yet to try, and craft beer bars in Australia that you have yet to visit.

    Some of our current website and app features:

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