Farmhouse Ginger Beer

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    The Welder's Dog Brewing
    What do you get when you jam 150kg of ginger-y goodness into every beer? Fresh, funky and one of a kind. The Welder’s Dog Farmhouse Ginger Beer is a local favourite for good reason! Naturally fermented, not too sweet and containing just the right amount of the gingery spice kick, this delicious beverage is perfect all year round. Taste and see! The first product of its kind on the craft beer scene our Farmhouse Ginger Beer harks back to a simpler time. Using traditional brewing methods, we jam in 150kg worth of gingery goodness for every batch, that rewards its drinkers with something fresh and funky. The perfect start to any summer session, our juicy flagship brew is a one of a kind.

    Beer Features

    Class Ginger Beer
    ABV %
    IBU 4.10
    EBC ?


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