Wheelie Bin Kegerator
How to make a portable Wheelie Bin Kegerator

I drink beer. I like good beer. That’s why I created Beer Crawl.  I also love camping. My camp fridge has less room for beer because the wife seems to think we need to bring food and drinks for the kids.
I did not want to go down the esky route as I hate having to buy ice – I wanted something more sustainable. Bringing bottles or cans is also a problem for rubbish storage.

I have a home made kegerator in my office. I look at it often. One day, I decided to make a portable version. I wanted something I could easily fit in the back of the Prado to take camping – or for when the wife drives – to the beach.

Wheelie Bin Kegerator

The first step was to add some insulation to the bottom.I had an old ‘pool noodle’ lying around so cut it through the middle (halving the height) then cut strips to the same of the base of the wheelie bin.

Next was to add a bracket to hold the regulator and gas bottle. I wanted this high so you could see it, but low enough for room for a 40mm foam inner lid.
I measured and drilled holes. Due to the weight, I added a bit of flat aluminium I had lying around to give it more rigidness (as the wheelie bin is somewhat flexible).

Wheelie Bin Kegerator

Next was to drill a hole for the tap shank to go through the front of the bin. Again, wanted the height right and added extra bracing before inserting the tap shank.
The Tap shank is made for fridges, being 100mmm long, I used a Dremel to cut to an appropriate length.

I had some left over  insulation roll   and   sarking   from a previous job, so measured 4 x panels, cut and wrapped the sarking. The sarking was bonded with spay adhesive and tape.
I don’t necessarily recommend this – it’s just what I had lying around

Wheelie Bin Kegerator

The last part is the inner lid. Just cut the 40mm foam with a slug fit to the internal of the wheelie bin. Then slot the Ice Bricks down each side (two on each side). Hardest thing to do is remember to prepare them before next use ?

If you are not into home brewing, and want to know where the nearest brewery you can use to fill your 19L (cornie) keg,


Check out the  EAST COAST Breweries that fill em

Check out the  WEST COAST Breweries that fill em


wheelie bin
Wheelie Bin

100l mini wheelie bin - I/N: 4520172

  • 100 litre capacity
  • UV stable
  • Complete with lid and wheels
Pick one up from Bunnings
Cost: $67

19 litre keg
19 Litre Keg

19l new stainless ball lock keg

  • This single handle 19l stainless steel AMCYL are backed up by the name of Mangrove Jacks.
  • Give Brew Shed a call to see if they have any second hand
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $139

keg jacket keg insulation
19L Keg Jacket
  • Neoprene Keg Parka
  • 60cm high
  • fit any kegs that are between 20-24cm in diameter.
Pick one up from Ebay
Cost: $20

Beer Tap font for kegerator
Tap Font with Shank
  • 100mm Long Shank
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $78

Beers Illustrated
Mini Regulator
  • low profile output pressure gauge
  • over pressure relief valve
  • can be used up to 25psi.
  • can be used with mini 16g threaded CO2 bulbs
  • high quality
  • compatable with other MFL fittings such as pin lock disconnects
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $55

Disconnect ball lock beer line
Disconnect Ball Lock (Beer Line)
  • Simple push on hose fitting
  • no clamps needed
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $14

Disconnect ball lock gasline
Disconnect Ball Lock (Gas Line)
  • Simple push on hose fitting
  • no clamps needed
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $14

Gas line beer line for kegerator
Beer / Gas Line
  • Food grade
  • You need 4.5M in total:
    - 3.5M beer line (minimum)
    - 1M gas line
Pick one up from The Brew Shed
Cost: $12

soda stream 60l c02 gas
Soda Stream (c02 gas)
  • Refill / exchange cost $20
  • Best for convenience
  • can buy from any Woolworths / Coles etc
Pick one up from Big W
Cost: $35

soda stream cylinder adapter
Soda Stream Cylinder adapter

Unlike our cheaper sodastream cylinder adaptor, this adaptor has the added advantage that you can use the side thumb screw to depress the pin in the middle of the adaptor. This pin adjustment makes the sodastream cylinder adaptor significantly easier to use.

  • Pin Adjustment
Pick one up from Crafted Brewing Supplies
Cost: $20

insulation foam for kegerator
40mm Foam

EPE foam is an expanded polyethylene closed cell foam, also known as Pearl foam. The EPE foam material is a lightweight, semi-rigid, flexible foam, most commonly used in packaging, for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, and surface protection. As an economically priced closed cell foam, EPE foam is quite popular to use for various moisture resistance and thermal insulation required applications wear price is important. Because of its great strength to weight ratio, you find them in basic foam packaging, floor underlay, furniture edge protection and water flotation

  • EPE Closed Cell Expanded Foam
  • 1000 x 1000 x 40mm
Pick one up from VFM Group
Cost: $33

ice bricks for kegerator
12 X Large Ice bricks

EAN: 9326004037714 / UPC: 9326004037714 .

  • Coleman brand
  • 20.5L x 13W x 4D cm
  • BPA free
Pick one up from Ebay
Cost: $120

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