American beer can refer to beer of many different styles, including Lagers, Ales, Steam Beers, and IPAs. Native American tribes were brewing beer in the US prior to European arrival, but their recipe differed slightly. Rather than using barley, they used maize, birch sap and water. Non-native people are recorded as brewing beer from 1587, with the first commercial brewing opening in the US in 1632 in Lower Manhattan.
Influenced by the brewing traditions of England and the Netherlands, beer heavily dominated the drinking market, rather than wine. British style ales were the most popular until the middle of the 19th century. It was at this time that longer-shelf life lager alternatives - brought by German immigrants - proved to be more profitable for commercial manufacturing.
Steam beer was the first unique American beer style, created in San Francisco during the 19th century. Produced to satisfy a need to produce without the use of refrigeration, steam beer has since been trademarked and renditions of the style are now referred to as California Common.

Country of Origin: United States
Some Variants Include:
California Common/Steam Beer
American Amber Ale
American Amber Lager
American Barley Wine
American Brown Ale
American IPA (India Pale Ale)
American Lager
American Pale Ale
American Pilsner
American Porter
American Red Ale
American Stout
American Wheat Beer

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