Draught beer is served from a cask or keg. When served from a pressurized keg, it is also known as keg beer. Canned draught beers are produced using a cold filtering system or "Draught-flow" cans and bottles. Guinness originally used a nitrogen widget to create a smooth beer with a very dense head. New developments in technology mean this widget have been replaced with a coating of cellulose fibres on the inside of the bottle. The mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide reportedly makes the beer "more drinkable" from the bottle.
Draught beer is typically expected to be fresher and the method is believed to favor beers such as Pale Ales. Most beers stored in kegs is non-pasteurized, which doesn't kill off the bacteria from the fermentation process. Because of this, the beers should be served as soon as possible, from clean tap lines. It should be served between 3-8°C and consumed within three days.

Country of Origin: England
Some Variants Include:
Pale Ale

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