Pale Ale


Like many beer styles, Pale Ale was first brewed in England. In the 1700's it was discovered that using coke in the malting process gave brewers more control, as it burns evenly. Paler malts resulted, and it was also found that hard water increased the clarity of the ale. The colours of ales produced were clear amber to reddish, so paler in comparison to the ales that were being brewed at that time. Pale ales became popular in Australia because they are generally more refreshing than darker beers, so more suited to the hot climate. Indeed, Pale Ale is currently the most consumed style of Australian craft beer.

Australian Pale Ales do not differ much from their British counterparts, as they are malty with a hint of fruitiness and floral or woody hops.
Country of Origin: England.
Some Variants Include:
American Pale Ale
Amber Ale

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ABV 3.5 - 6.5%
IBU 25 - 60
SRM 3 - 9
AKA Not available
TAGS Not available