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    Summer is swinging into high gear with a nationwide heat haze settling over the land. And, the best way to balance out those long, hot days is swinging back in a hammock with a cold Hazy in hand. This new Balter takes on a beer lovers’ favourite in a brew that concentrates on sun-ripe taste over pure cloud coverage. “The evolution of the Hazy style of beer has been really interesting to watch,” says Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “At first, brewers suggested they be drunk from the can because they thought the misty look of the beer would put people off. It was all about taste. As they became popular, that message got clouded and some brewers started adding things in just to make the mix as hazy as possible. We’ve gone back to what all good beer is about - pure flavour. Sure, it’s hazy but that’s a side effect of delicious hops oils mixing with yeast, rather than being the hero feature of the beer.”

    Beer Features

    Class Hazy IPA
    ABV 6.00%
    IBU ?
    EBC ?


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