DFA - Choose Love (Demus Favorem Amori)

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    Garage Project
    The decision to stop brewing Death from Above was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do at the Garage. Death from Above, or DFA as we all called it, was a hugely popular beer, both at the brewery and with Garage Project drinkers. It was a beer that managed the sometimes difficult job of marrying unusual ingredients - mango, Vietnamese mint and chilli - with straight up drinkability. To put it simply, it was a yummy beer, a lot of people loved it and we miss it. However, as much as we miss DFA I stand by the decision to stop brewing it. It’s a long story, but our original intention to reference cult classic Apocalypse Now had become unclear and in response to a genuine complaint from someone who had been offended by the beer’s name and art, we didn’t feel that we could defend it. In brewing DFA it was never our intention to offend, to glorify war or to support racism. Those are not views that the Garage Project stands for.

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    ABV 7.50%
    IBU ?
    EBC ?


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