India Pale Ale

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    Mismatch Brewing
    the medium crystal and caramalt adds a brilliant coPPer Profile. these tWo sPecialty malts Plus the munich add fullness to the body and mid Palate and a distinct malt character. the hoPPing schedule for this batch Was a different aPProach to the last batch. instead of just adding a bittering hoP and then achieving flavour and aroma from dry hoPPing, We added a bittering hoP then flavour and aroma hoPs through the boil Process. the flavouring hoPs through the boil Were centennial and chinook from the us, Which imPart citrus and floral notes to the beer. the dry hoPs added Were mosiac from the us and brooklyn Which exPlode With troPical fruit, in Particular riPe PineaPPle! the initial bitterness is smooth and structured and doesnÂ’t have any sharP astringency. against the body the bitterness is hidden Well and creates a dangerously easy drinking iPa

    Beer Features

    ABV 7.00%
    IBU 80.00
    EBC ?


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