Sparkling Ale


Australian Sparkling Ale is a smooth and balanced ale that is very drinkable and suitable for a hot climate. It is deep yellow to light amber in colour.
It is like English Pale Ales, but much more highly carbonated - with high to very high carbonation and a crisp bite.
Australian Sparkling Ale was originally borne out of necessity - undependable supply lines and the hot climate meant that trying to brew English style ales, without refrigeration, was a failure and the result was a lackluster product that failed to satisfy consumers. It wasn't until the mid 1800's that lager, which paired well with the Australian climate, became popular in Europe. Australians then developed a new ale - lighter in colour and body and bottled with much higher carbonation.

Country of Origin: Australia
Some Variants Include:
Australian Lager

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SRM 4 - 7
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