Porter is a dark beer that originated in England during the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s and was popular with street and river porters. Back then it was made from varying blends of three styles of ale: old (stale or soured), new (brown or pale) and mild. It was referred to as "Entire Butt" or "Three Threads" and the public enjoyed a taste that was neither new nor old. These days, Porters have a pale malt base to which black malt, chocolate, crystal or smoked brown malt may be added. Porter has a complex flavour and the use of dark malts gives it a colour ranging from dark brown to black. Hop bitterness is usually moderate.

Country of Origin: Britain.
Some Variants Include:
Amercian Porter

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ABV 4.0 - 6.5
IBU 18 - 35
SRM 20 - 30
AKA Not available
TAGS Not available