Possibly one of the oldest beer styles in Belgium, Lambic goes against the conventional brewing process. There must be at least 30% unmalted wheat in the malt mixture and more hops (sometimes six times more) than usual are introduced, compared to when brewing other beers. This is a light bodied ale with a crispness brought out by the wheat and little hop bitterness or flavour. The wild yeast used in fermentation gives a unique tartness to the taste, which will have been mellowed by the ageing process. It is traditionally only brewed around winter time and aged in wooden barrels for a number of years.

To make a Fruit Lambic, whole fruits are introduced after fermentation has begun. Popular additions are blackcurrant, cherry, peach and raspberry. The beer is then left to mature some more before being bottled. These beers are usually low in alcohol content and the malt and hop presence quite low so the fruit flavour comes through.

Country of Origin: Belgium.
Some Variants Include:
Unblended Lambic
Fruit Lambic
Gueuze Lambic
Faro Lambic

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ABV 4.5 - 6.5%
IBU 0 - 10
SRM 3 - 7
AKA Not available
TAGS Not available