Gluten Reduced


GLUTEN REDUCED BEER, not to be confused with Gluten Free.

Most beers are brewed using barley and wheat malt, which both contain gluten. Gluten free beer, however, typically uses grains such as millet instead.
While millet itself does not contain gluten, its grains and flours may be contaminated with gluten-containing cereals. Patrons who are affected by gluten-related disorders should read labels carefully and contact manufacturers if in doubt about gluten content.

Further to this an enzymeused called Brewer's Clarex™, is used globally by brewers to enhance colour and clarity without non-natural additives. However when added at the fermentation stage, this pure enzyme breaks down the specific gluten protein that causes allergic reactions or adverse health effects.This results in full bodied beers while drastically reducing the presence of gluten to an undetectable amounts.

For a product to be considered Gluten Free, test results must be below 20ppm (parts per million). 
Though the test results show undetectable gluten content, beers made using raw materials containing gluten, cannot be classified as Gluten Free.

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Some Variants Include:
Low Malt
Low Carb

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