Barley wine


Barley wine is one of the most alcoholic beers available. There are two main styles of this strong ale: American and British. Although it is most definitely a beer, it is called barley wine due the high alcohol content and the fact that barley wines can be cellared. These beers are fruity and malty and can have a sweet or bittersweet undertone. As they age, they darken and their flavour becomes more rounded with less bitterness.

American barley wines characteristically are very heavily hopped and have a more bitter hoppy flavour as well as a higher alcohol content. They can range from amber to light brown in colour.
British barley wines balance the malt and hop flavours, which produces a smoother and usually lower alcohol beer. They are traditionally dark in colour, although an amber-coloured variety was introduced in the 1950's.

Country of Origin: Britain, USA.
Some Variants Include:
American Barley Wine

ABV 8.0 - 12.5%
IBU 50 - 120
SRM 11 - 18
AKA Not available