Marzen is a German lager with both light and dark variations. It was initially created before the 16th century for its long keeping qualities. The word “Märzen” refers to the end of traditional brewing time (März is the German word for March), as the beer used to be brewed in the spring and stored in cellars or caves over the summer. Variations such as Festbier and Oktoberfestbier have become associated with September and October which are the beginning of the brewing time range. Marzen is a medium to full bodied beer characterised by its sweet or biscuity malt flavour and medium hop bitterness. This beer is usually dark gold to copper/red in colour.

Country of Origin: Germany.
Some Variants Include:
“Helles Marzen” (Pale Marzen)
“Dunkles Marzen” (Dark Marzen)

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ABV 5.1 - 6%
IBU 18 - 25
SRM 4 - 15
AKA Märzen, Marzenbier
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