Ballistic Beer Alehouse Craft Beer Bar

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Ballistic Beer Alehouse
As all good brewery stories should start, Ballistic Beer Co’s origins lay in the celebrations after the January 2014 Ashes when Australia had a clean sweep of the Poms. Somewhere between the bars and a quick nude swim at Doyles on Watson’s Bay, an idea was hatched between David and his pommy friend Matt, to do something about expanding the underserviced Queensland beer scene. In a previous life, David had spent 3 years shoving his head up Matt’s bum and got to know him very well (Matt was a prop and David, second row, in a Hong Kong rugby team). Some months later, a plan was hatched to build a big shiny new brewery in an old WW2 shed on the outskirts of Brisbane. Two years and many hours of work later, David, now the boss of Ballistic Beer Co, thought he had better hire someone who actually knew stuff about brewing. David lashed out, paying $50 to place an ad on Crafty Pint seeking a Head Brewer.
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